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I run a small Sunday service at the Lecture Hall in the Westville Hospital grounds each Sunday from 10-11am, and it's open to all. Tea served at the end.

We sing, and pray, and then I bring a short sermon. It's interdenominational and all are welcome.

No collections are taken and all is free. Rhodesians are especially welcome.

Rev. Dr. Geoff Campbell.


I would dearly like to have regular emails from people I knew years ago. My husband was Roy Hulley who was killed at Kutanga Range in Gwelo on 21st October 1976. My son David is now 30 years old and lives in New Zealand.

Lynne Hulley


Whilst Clive and I would love to be at the reunion sadly we're too far away and still trying to pay off the mortgage here in Perth.

However, I have been tryingto track down my cousin, Russell Stotter and Alice, and also Mike and Ann Longuet-Higgins and see that they are both posted to attend the reunion. Please will you give them my email address and ask them to contact me.

I will be very grateful.

Have a great time at the reunion!

Kind regards

Marilyn Noall
Administration Manager

Sterling Oil & Gas Pty Ltd
Level 3, Fortescue House
50 Kings Park Road
West Perth WA 6005

Tel + 61 8 9226 3011
Fax + 61 8 9226 2175
Mob 0400 272 447
Email: mnoall@sterlingenergyau.com
Internet http://w ww.sterlingenergyplc.com


"TO THE WHOLE EX-RHODIE REUNION TEAM" Congratulations to all of you for pulling off an awesome Reunion week, I'm still not sure how you did it, but I'm so proud of your all for doing it so well. Now take some well deserved time out and relax. Thanks for allowing me the privilege of working with you all, even though it wasn't for long, but it was a pleasure to be involved even in the smallest way. Take care and I look forward to seeing you all when I'm in Durban again soon.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

Montecasino Corporate Events, Sandton, Jhb - (011) 510 7711
Suncoast Corporate Events, North Beach, Durban -(031) 328 3357

Dear Rob,
Just a short note to thank you and all those who assisted you for a memorable time. It was good to re-live the good times and some of the sad times we had and make some new memories. Being scattered all over and with the hum-drum of every day survival one can lose sight of ones roots and forget what was once our home and why we fought so to maintain it. It was good to meet people who felt the same and remind oneself of how proud we were and always will be to be called Rhodesians.

Once again thanks for a job well done.

Richard Cornwell
Reliability Engineer
General Motors South Africa
P.O. Box 1137
Port Elizabeth

I just want to say a big " WELL DONE" to all the hard working committee members for getting this week off to such a good start. Looks like even the weather is on your side as well. The pub looks really great and even the 'bar persons' seem to have caught some of the excitement. It's amazing who you meet. I was talking to an old guy last night who joined the BSAP in 1949!!! What a wealth of stories he must have.

Writer unknown

Hi Guys,
Just a quick note to let you know that I arrived home safely on Sunday. Was going to attend the closing ceremony but knew I would inevitably get "involved" and that would have meany another nights accommodation cost, so, decided to drive on past the exit to the club, even though it was very tempting to pop in. I also wanted to thank you guys for your hospitality and for all you hard work over the past few weeks. The turn out from ex Umtaliites was a bit disappointing but it was, non the less, great to meet up with similar minded people, who, after a couple of toots, you felt as if you knew all along anyway. I will try to contact the other members who gave of their time but would appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks, in case I am unable to contact them all. Take care and please keep in contact - Cheers for now,
Ian Sloan from Springs


Hello Folks ! Just got back from the Rhodie Reunion in Laughlin Nevada, wow what a blast !

The group was not as large as previous years but so enjoyable !

Allan Roodt, our Reunion coordinator put together a fantastic get together.

Our guest speaker was Lt. Colonel Bob Brown, editor of Soldier of Fortune Magazine, what a fantastic gentleman ! We were honoured to have him there.

John and Ronnie Nash Webber , our Chairman and his lovely wife guided us through the weekend and what tremendous hosts. By the way , any of you headed to the Rhodie worldwide get together in Durban, (lucky buggers), if you run into Nash Webber, tell him the Skellem said he was to buy you a chiboolie ! Hahaha.

Rich and Lisa Donkin , our other board members were also present and if you know the Donkins , then you know what I mean when I say what tremendous people !

Though the group was small, in my rotten old heart were a huge group of Rhodesians and wonderful South African friends ! All of you who receive this e-mail were present in spirit , in my heart !

Our main focus was the raising of funds for Nerina Gardens, a retirement home for old Rhodesians in the Cape.

Bill Eaton has pushed hard through the years for money for Nerina Gardens and offered copies of his book this year to request donations.

Rick Laing , formerly of the group "The Ramblers" now with the Rhodies donated a song "Rocking Rhodesian Girls " Copyright 2005, to help raise money.

What a success ! Good hearted Rhodesians dug deep in their pockets and and a very nice donation was received.

I want all of you to know, if you want a great song to play at your next braai and get your Rhodie girl "inspired" contact me and send a donation to the address I send you (I don't handle money but will tell you where to send the donation) and I'll send you a copy. What a great dancing song ! Thanks Rick , God bless you and your wonderful family !

Annie Bishop, has for years spearheaded the charge to raise money for our dear Madalas and she is one of the most wonderful people I know.

I also want to say a huge thanks to Jean Tholet for her kind permission to play Clem's songs, Jean , there was not a dry eye in the house when we played "Peace Dream".

John and his lovely wife Teresa Edmond also allowed us to play their tunes, how can you not end a reunion without playing "Keep the Flame Lily Burning". Thanks John and Teresa, you dear folk are fantastic !

Check Clem and John's tunes out at www.mazoe.com

As it was the 40th anniversary of the declaration of Independence, we listened to our Leader, The Honorable Ian D.Smith tell the rest of the world that we were Rhodesians and what a warm feeling in our hearts as our beloved Leader spoke to us.

You know not too many people of a nation ever feel the love of their leader as we Rhodesians do !

Mr. Smith, words can never express what we feel for you !

We headed down to the Colorado River and released our green and white balloons, nobody wanted to leave, tears , hugs , kisses, thoughts of next year !

Everyone of you were with me !

As the holidays draw near and you want to get your Rhodie a gift think of my friend Bill Mac at www.rhodesiawassuper.com

Mina tande wena maningi,

The Skellem. ( Paul Mroz)



Hi All,

I have for many years been trying to make contact with anyone who was in the Rhodesian Territorial forces with me from 1974 onwards until independence.

I was drafted in that year of June into intake 140 at Llewellyn
Barracks to do our initial training. A COMPANY OR PLATOON PHOTOGRAPH was taken
soon after our passing out parade and I did not have the means to
purchase one at the time much to my regret, so I'm asking you to do me a favour
and ask around at this re-union for anybody who may know someone who has
this picture. They will quickly identify me as I was the only
Asian in that intake.

I have been on the Rhodie website searching
for ex-fellow servicemen, but have not found anyone with whom I have
served. I was seconded to the Mins. of Internal Affairs after my
training at Llewellyn Barracks, maybe that is why most would have
forgotten me. I was sent to Chikurubi for further training in
intelligence gathering in the same year ( October 1974). We
were the 1st intake for this (then new) form of anti- terrorist warfare.

I thank you for your time, and may this re-union be a memorable one


Kang Yin



Prince, Lyn

Annie I am referring to your e-mail with the mention of someone looking for a farm manager. My husband is desperately looking for permanent employment in any position as he has just been retrenched. He has some farming experience from Rhodesia days but has worked at Richards Bay Minerals since leaving Rhodesia. Please contact me on my e-mail address and I will forward a CV through to you.

Anyone else out there we are really desperate for a decent job, still supporting 3 children, anyone that can help or give us addresses to write to will be appreciated. My husband has been on the Production side of mining and has been in Supervisory positions for the past +/20years. My e-mail address lprince@hma.co.za

Love this site and really hope that we will be able to attend the reunion.

Lyn and Gerry Prince

Hi Everyone,

We had a real blast from the past on Saturday at Franschoek, all that was missing was Miss Fifi!  It was so great that one lady wants to go home immediately.  John Edmond just gets better and better,  I truly do not believe there is a better entertainer,  and when he sang Rhodesians never die,  everyone joined arms and supported Jean who was very moved.  It was the first time she had heard one of Clem's songs since his passing.  I was sitting with Mr Smith and he remarked on the fact that no matter where we are,  and what the situation,  we always are there for each other.  True words!

Well guys,  Dane Newton (son of Don and Jacquie) has achieved the impossible!  He has brought Rhodie cuisine into the 21st century.  We had many a heated discussion before the event,  with me warning him of the direst of consequences should he mess with the food,  but being a Chaime de Rotisserie Chef (I KNOW that is the wrong spelling),  he was determined to serve only 5 star food and I very graciously accept defeat.  We had the yummiest Sadza Balls with the best Chicken Livers I have ever eaten,  Mini Steak Rolls with amaaazing mustard, Brown bread with Smoked Salmon and Caviar, Chilli Bites, Samoosas, Bamboo Inn Spring Rolls, Peri Peri Chicken Wings and then Chocolate Profiteroles and Fruit Kebabs.  The award winning Chamonix Red Wine and Cinzano Punch flowed freely (both price and amount), and an incredible time was had by all.

We were stunned with the jiving of Terry Beggerman, Leslie McKenzie, Douglas McClure, Lyn Mehmel, Tony Fagrew, Rich and Lyn Dellar, the Edgecombes, Roy and Siobhan Evans and lots of others.  Ron Reid Daly and Winston Hart were protecting the PM! (Fat story hey?) Altogether 78 folk attended,  and with ace Auctioneer Mike Westcott,  we raised over R10,000.00. (Ten thousand).

Should any of you be in the Franshoek area,  Chamonix is the best place to be.  The view is unsurpassable, and the food to die for.  We are definitely going to use this venue in future as sadly the Alabama has been sold.

After yet another distressed call asking about Mr Smith's demise,  I need to tell you all that he gets better and stronger every day.  He is still very much alive,  and enjoying the Cape,  but longing for home.  Unfortunately he is still too frail to address gatherings - bearing in mind that he is 86 years old now,  but still very positive and says often that his favourite times are when he is with us all.  It was wonderful to see him chuckling at John Edmond's jokes surrounded by 'his chaps'.

We are planning a Rhodes and Founders dance,  and the Zim Pairs Golf chaps asked me to remind you to get your school buddies together for foursomes in August.  They will let you know the date,  but if you are interested please contact Roy Evans at royevans@mweb.co.za .  If last year's event was anything to go by,  it will be an enormous success.  What an incredible business network as well,  three of our chaps have been thrilled by how fast news got around of their businesses,  and trade has rocketed!

Lastly,  if any of you are in the Warm Baths area,  look in at Kunkuru, the Game Lodge belonging to John and Teresa Edmond.  I am going up this week for some R & R,  and I assure you,  you will not be able to find a patch of 'home' like this anywhere on the globe, at this price and quality.  I reckon they must be the only farmers who need to keep mending fences because the Game from surrounding farms keeps breaking IN!  Their address is jredmond@mweb.co.za .  You can view the lodge on www.Mazoe.com .

If anyone knows of a good farm manager,  please contact me.  A position is going near Hermanus. There is also a vacancy in an historic Karoo Hotel for Manager.  Both positions sound fantastic.

Keep the green and white flying guys.

Much love

Annie .

Hi Everyone,

Super idea and i wish you all the success in finding old friends. Excellent site - very informative- have recommended it to other ex Rhodies in the JHB/PTA region.

Take care & God bless

Lenora & Peter De Barros

Hi All

Congratulations for taking on this imaginative project. May it be crowned with success! Hon. National Secretary Flame Lily Foundation

John Redfern



Great to see this super idea is on the go. This site has been very informative and helpful. Well done.

Hi All

Thanking you so much for giving us this opportunity to get together, & who knows also to put lots of ghosts to rest.

Julie Morris In Venti



Fantastic site, extremely informative, great site.

Mauren@Alex Scott


Thanking you so much for this wonderful idea. The site looks fabulous. See you all soon!!

See you in November!

Great website - let's do it justice by doing our bit to communicate with and encourage old friends to join us.

After all, it is for a great cause - to raise funds for assisting those who are not in a position to help themselves. Please can we link with the SAS site at www.csqn.co.za

Thanks Bronwyn/John
George Galbraith

Hi All
Really looking forward to the whole week,hope to meet up with old friends.

Kevin Jones


Hi All
The idea of a reunion is a really fantastic one. I live in Sydney, Australia. Originally from the Vumba Mts. I congratulate the organisers of the event, and I wish you every possible success.

Al Marshall. Essex Rd, Vumba Mts

I get the feeling this is going to be one heck of a Hooli !

To any OLD BOYS from St Stephen's College who happen to be passing through Durban-Westville during the week of 6 to 13 November 2005, make sure you pop in for visit. The vibe is really hotting up right now and the committee is on fire with getting all the arrangements set in place.

Well Done everyone!


Great site. Whuch was given to me by Noel van Niekerk.

I'm sure it will become very popular with all the "ex-Rhodies" all over the world,

Take care,

Peter Eldridge

I would love to be with you all, but distance and finance does not allow at this time, enjoy each other and the time together

Jenny Weston


See you at the Gala Dinner !
John and Jenny Cillie'





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